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1/545 Main Road, Glendale NSW
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Providing Solutions & Satisfaction to your needs

Speak to anyone who has experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling real estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of the many goals of Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie is to ensure your next move is a positive one. Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie was founded around one simple mission. "To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients' EXPECTATIONS". We have created 'Best Practice Systems' that provide solutions and satisfaction to your most desired wants and needs. At the foundation of our 'success system' is a philosophical shift from being a 'facilitator' presenting to a real estate Cconsumer to becoming a 'catalyst' for a real estate client to find success in an industry that for decades has been inefficient and often ineffective. "Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS" Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie has thoroughly researched what a client requires from their agent. What they have told us is that they are craving a professional who can listen to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions for them! Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie is that professional!


Many thanks for the enthusiasm, energy and patience you brought to the tasks of selling our house - and that was just at the initial meeting. The whole process was conceived and carried through to a successful completion with flair and consummate professionalism. For that we thank you and your wonderful team at Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie. We also thank you all for being such a joy to deal with. Good on you Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie, you are our dream real estate agent!

I wanted to take the time to let your team know how happy we are in our new home. Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie has made moving to the Lake Macquarie area so simple. Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie found us a house in short period of time to all our family members' needs. The Premium Tracker tool on their website was brilliant as we knew right away when a property matched our needs. Moving can be very hard on the family but your team were always friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help. We would recommend Dowling Real Estate Lake Macquarie to anyone without a doubt.

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