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 Welcome to Highland Honey

Highland Honey is produced naturally in the New England Ranges of New South Wales and is extracted and packed using traditional labour methods. Apart from the uncapping stage, we do not heat the honey in the extraction and packaging process. This ensures that our honey is 100% pure and tastes like real honey did many years ago. It also ensures that our honey retains all of its medicinal properties.
The varieties available change from year to year, as eucalypt flowering is notoriously unreliable.
We currently have a number of different types of ordinary honey available including: Mugga Ironbark, Paterson's Curse  and Caley's Ironbark with a dash of Leptospermum (Tea Tree) which gives the honey a tangy taste and Stringybark.  From time to time, we also have candied honeys.

We have recently added Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil and Infused Cold Pressed Olive Oils to our product range.  Download a copy of our brochure on Macadamia Oil to read of the benefits of this oil.  Our olive oils won the Grand Champion Prize at the 2010 Sydney Royal Show and come from the Barossa Valley of South Australia.


Medically active honey has been specifically tested for it's effectiveness in controlling the Golden Staph (Staphylocuccus Aereus) bacteria.  A few drops of each honey to be tested is placed on separate agar dishes covered with the bacteria, and measurements are made on the effectiveness of the honey in killing the bacteral over a period of about 10 days.  The result is usually expressed as a percentage.  Honeys under 10% are generally not rated as active whereas honeys rated over 30% are in the very high range.  In spite of claims by other people, Manuka is NOT the only medically active honey in the world as Australia has many medically active honeys of the same species of plant (Leptospermum).  Our most active Leptos are L. Polygalifolium and L. Flavescens.